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Explainer videos are everywhere you look because of their marketing power. There are about 12 different types of explainer videos. The variations range from animated, screenCast and live action, just to name a few. Exactly which one may be right for you, depends on several factors such as your business or reason for making one. In addition, who your targeted audience is going to be, your budget and so on, are other factors. We have broken down most of the important types of explainer videos available to assist you in understanding each format.

Why Use Explainer Videos?

In case you have never used an explainer video or are contemplating the idea, there are many things you need to be aware of. If you are not using one now, chances are your business may be losing money. That’s because explainer videos are one of the most crucial elements in marketing today. Think of an explainer video as a commercial made for the internet. In truth, that is exactly what an explainer video is. Most of them range from 30 seconds to as long as 3 minutes, on average. The short audiovisuals videos are extremely popular for countless of reasons.

For one, they are not that difficult to make. You can create your own explainer video using software or online tools in a matter of minutes or hours. The amount of time depends on your experience, tools chosen and the type of video. Secondly, explainer videos are the most effective marketing strategy available for businesses, individuals or brands online. They can make explaining your services, products or material easy and fun. Since they are so enjoyable, people tend to forget they are being targeted by you. Additionally, an explainer video can go viral and lead to your company or brand blowing up instantly.

It is because of all these factors that so many companies are using them today. Which explainer video is right for you? See the different types below to help you determine that.

2D Animated Videos –

When it comes to explainer videos types, the 2D character animated format is among the most popular. The scenes and characters can be made to recreate a semblance of depth. That comes from the 2D space perspective.

2.5D Animated Videos –

The method used by the 2.5D animation process resembles a 3D perspective. They are an inexpensive way for people to have 3D visuals, content and motion graphics. And they do not take too much time to make using this process.

ScreenCast Videos –

This method involves a person using the visuals of their computer or screen display and capturing it on video. The digital recording method is often used by millions of users who make ‘how to’ videos on YouTube and Vimeo. They are great for those who want to make video tutorials since it is a very low-cost form of making an explainer video.

Testimonial Videos –

These are exactly what the name says because they are based on stories and the testimonials of a person. You will often find testimonial videos when someone is explaining things about themselves or a product or service they used.

Live Action Videos –

Live action explainer videos are those created using a camera to record everything. These are great for using real live people or situations. One of the most popular explainer videos ever created used this format and it worked very well for them. That was a company called Dollar Shave Club.

3D Animation Videos –

One of the best things about using the 3D animated process to create an explainer video is the possibilities. This format’s possibilities are limitless and are very effective. The 3D process is mostly used by companies and commercial branding purposes. They are high quality and allow the creators to zoom and rotate right into any of the visual elements in the explainer video. The end result is the viewers feeling more engaged and drawn into the story and whatever is on the screen.

Whiteboard Animation Videos –

Companies embrace the whiteboard explainer video format as it is one of the most popular style for them. The reason for this is that they are limitless as far as product or service explanation. Using whiteboard animations lets the business explain their brand easily and fast. The black and white illustrations are also inexpensive and fun.

Typography Videos –

Although some may see the typography style videos as too simplistic, they work extremely well. Using only animated fonts to tell your story is extremely simple, but powerful. The creators can have the viewers remember certain keywords or lines using the correct formats on fonts.

Stop Motion Videos –

These types of explainer videos consist of a photography animated technique. Objects are moved in a series of frames and in small increments. The end result is making it appear as if the object is moving. There are many movies and short films which use this technique. The effect is visually entertaining and captivates the audience.

Other types of explainer videos are the music-only, infographic, and iPhone/iPad Apps formats. You can view some of the best explainer videos ever to see which are the most successful. That will give you an idea of what may work for your business or personal website. Companies such as SquareShip, which are a video production service, can help. There are also do-it-yourself explainer video software and programs as well.

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