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The content landscape has changed and the boundaries have been diminished over the years. Branding is very important for any company and video marketing should be a part of your business campaign strategy. If you don’t have one now, it’s time to rethink your marketing strategy and add product videos into the grid.

Product videos provide you a realistic and comprehensive viewpoint of the functionality and quality of the product. You have to invest on cutting-edge technology to produce videos that has relevance, value, and flexibility.

Video marketing is seen to dominate web traffic by 80% in 2019; so take action today. Check out our top tips on making a product video for your business:

  • Less is more. There could be a lot of things that you would want to tell the audience about your brand but keep in mind that the video is meant to be the teaser or the “hook” so that your target customers will take the next step towards making that purchase. The standard running time is at least 150 words per minute.
  • Create a compelling script. Writing a great script is the key to a successful product video. It is recommended to have someone outside of your company to write the script for your brand so that he or she can take a fresh perspective of the brand and put that into a stunning video. Anyone whom you believe is an expert at making creative briefs and knows your company well can write the script.
  • Make it entertaining. It is crucial that your product video is able to resonate with your target audience. You should always add value for your audience which starts from the product video but it has been observed that regardless of age and stature, most audience would want a product video that has entertainment value. You can add something funny or wacky in between or perhaps go the other route and inject drama into the video that will connect to your audience.
  • The combination of visuals and sounds. Do not focus too much on visuals and neglect the audio part of making a product video. There should be a balance put into the voiceover, music, and the visuals of a product video in order to be coined as an effective mix. Don’t put so much into it that can be distracting to your viewers.
  • Plan for a bombastic launch. Some companies focus too much on the product video and do not plan ahead for the launch itself. The launch of a product video is important and it can make or break your branding efforts. Choose a video host and get into an all-out marketing campaign in promoting your product videos. Timing is also very important for any launch so time it well. Integrate the video into your website too.

Customer engagement is all about putting a face into a brand that can connect well with your target consumers. A product video is an important and effective marketing tool that you can use to introduce your brand or products and services to your target audience. Learning how to create a product video that cuts through the noise will act as your leverage against competition.

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