Video Creation Tools & Animation Software Reviews

Video editing is a vital phase in video production because this is where you get to tie all the pieces together to create an impact to your target audience. This is the part wherein you find meaning in chaos or clutter. Interestingly, editing videos is the crucial part of meshing disparate clips together to form your storyline.

Timing is very critical when video editing. You need to know how to time the cuts to produce a great flow for your story and then connect with your audience. You have to thaw and generate the right response or emotion in order to be effective at storytelling.

Video editing is successful when you are able to creatively blend in visuals and sound to evoke the right emotion and connect your brand to your audience.

Here are amazing video editing apps that are free:

  • Magisto. Being a video superhero is easy with this free editing app for both Android and iOS users. This app can amazingly transform videos and images into captivating stories in just a few clicks. There are different editing style options to choose from to suit your video theme. There are music suggestions too although you have an option to add your own music from the library or opt for music intended for commercial use.
  • It’s a simple editing app that is powered by outstanding features that can produce high resolution videos. These Timelapse videos are optimized for social media because they are stunning and attention-grabbing. With this app, you can shoot a new video or select a video from your gallery. They have great clip trimming system and flexible editing options. You can easily filter the effects or add music. Once you’re done with editing, you can directly upload and share your videos to social media sites like YouTube. This is free for Android and iOS but the pro version starts at $2.99.
  • FilmoraGo. This video editing app allows you to speed up on content, create text and subtitles, edit a video clip, as well as add overlays and filters. This is basically free but there are in-app purchases that allow you to customize your editing experience. You can select themes and add music that will gel with your storyline. This app is available for both iOS and Android users.
  • Adobe Premiere Clip. This is a very simple editing app that works for amateurs and pros alike. It’s a free app that allows you to create, edit, and share videos that are click-worthy over social media sites. You can choose to activate the Automatic Editing option and then choose from the two editing styles available. You can rearrange the video sequence, clips, music, and even calibrate the pace of videos.

With these free video editing apps, you get to seamlessly arrange clips in a sequence that resonates with your audience without leaving your pockets empty. For your videos to be effective and enticing, you need to focus on one story, one takeaway, and one CTA that will give you the results you need for your brand.

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